May 28 Rome

Saturday, May 28. We were up early for the final packing and carrying all the bags (John didmost of the lifting) down the 22 stairs from our bedrooms to the living area.

I had a special mission: I needed to say goodbye to my very favorite daytime waiter at Costanti. I was rushed but I knew it was the right thing to do. Nicolas was there when I arrived; we had a cappuccino and a breakfast roll together then he told me it was his Birthday. I got a photo with him and left a E20 tip for a present. He yelled his “grazie” as I was running to get back in time to meet Luca, my favorite Taxi driver.

We traveled with 5 suitcases, 1 backpack, 2 purses and 2 bottles of that wonderful white wine Claudia gave us. A miracle happened: both the elevators at the train station were working. But it is a real coordinated effort to get all those bags, etc. up and down the stairs of the train (a 2 hr 45 min ride). We got a taxi in Rome and from 9am in Arezzo to 2pm in Rome, we were settled in a lap of luxury. The apartment is a 5 floor (6 story) building not too far from the Vatican. We are on the 4th floor on the elevator but the 5th floor of the building. Confusing?? Recently I visited the Chiro in Arezzo and it said outside he was on the 1st floor; I walked up 21 stairs to the door of his office. A little confusing – but we just go with the flow.

We are in a big city now so we have many choices for eating and pleasures. So somehow we decided on Chinese food; we had many choices on Yelp. We picked the 4-1/2 star rating restaurant very nearby the apartment. Restaurante Lin – FABULOUS! Without question the very best Chinese food I have ever had. We ate so fast there are literally no photos. I forgot my iPhone so I was photo impaired.

Notes: (1) I’ve been in Italy for a month and I have never seen or used a bathroom washcloth. (2) You never “get” a glass of water at a meal. You pay from E1.50 – 4.00 for a bottle of natural or fizzy water. (3) You always get bread. (4) It was very evident that Arezzo had pride in their city – the street cleaner started via our apartment at 6:40am. The streets in Arezzo are swept several times a day, thus very little trash anywhere. Trash is picked up daily. All the street in the other hilltop towns were very cleanalso. Rome is trashy everywhere we go. (5) When my Italian journey began the Euro exchange rate was E1.00 = $1.30. Today it is E1.00 = $1.11.


Arrived in Selitas apartment.

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