May 25 Casa Selita

Wednesday, May 25. From 8:30 to 10:00am, Selita was in her kitchen fixing breakfast for all her guests. As it turned out, 4 other of her guests were in the same restaurant last night, La Palomba, and we realized this at breakfast. John had read that the trains were on strike until 6:00pm today. But as it turns out, the high speed train was running; it costs a bit more but it was much faster – only one stop – and much nicer inside and outside.

Back in Arezzo, John met up with Paola and I had an appointment with an American Chiropractor. For dinner, John and I went to the best restaurant so far, in Piazza San Francisco, right across the street from our favorite cafe, Caffe die Costanti. Actually, that caffe does not have good food for dinner but breakfast and lunch is great. I hope they didn’t see us go into another restaurant for dinner.

NOTE: We have drunk as much wine as we wanted (usually a bottle every dinner) and we have NEVER had a hangover of any kind. It must be the Italian wine, the cool weather, the company or just good luck – but it works!