May 23 Arezzo Rain

Monday, May 23. After the high temp of 81 degrees in Arezzo yesterday, it is hard to believe it was 64 and rainy today. I called my massage therapist but she does not work on Mondays. Boo Hoo! I could really use a good rubdown. It seems that John’s energy has run out today.
We both are taking it easy. We rested, walked to lunch and more resting until dinner. Speaking of dinner: Paola  and Claudia joined us as our guest for dinner as a big Thank You for all their considerations and help. Without those two gals, this would be a difficult time.


NOTE: Something should be said about the shower procedure here in the apartment. It is a test of patience. There is a good sized hot water heater over the toilet – which by the way works splendidly – but your guess is as good as mine as to when the heater decides to put out hot water. First John said to let the hot water slightly run in the sink to get things moving, get in the shower and turn on the water. As it starts to get warm I quickly wash my hair. While I am waiting for hot water it turns cold but with good pressure – as soon as I get warm water, the pressure slows to a trickle. Then the water heater makes a sound like it is heating water; I stand there wet waiting for water, hot or cold at this point. Finally, I get HOT water so I rinse, condition, wash my body, and pray I still have enough water to rinse all my parts.

In the Shower and bathroom… You close the doors of the shower by sliding the doors
from L to R and R to L, they come together in a V.

NOTE: When I think about all the wonderful things that John has arranged for the group and for me I realize there are no words or deeds that could amply thank him for his contribution to all of our good times. For those who do not know him, he lives in Rancho Mirage most of the year but has fallen in love, and has become very comfortable, with Italy and especially Arezzo. He organizes various types of theme parties at his home in RM. After spending almost a month here, I can agree with him completely. Without his expert guidance, most of us would have not been as motivated to see all the sights here and in neighboring towns and villages. This Villa arrangement is not to make money but to share his “second” homeland with others who will love and appreciate it as much as he does. I fit into that category.